History of Falcon

Falcon Properties Inc.

Falcon Properties Inc (Formerly Falcon Equites Inc) was founded by Elias Masri in the early 50s to manage commercial and residential real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

As an expansion of his Argentine affiliate, Elias Masri created Falcon Properties, Inc. in Manhattan with the objective of purchasing commercial properties and managing them. When Elias arrived in New York in 1977, he knew he did not want to compete with the top performers in the city but, with a clear idea of the opportunities that lay ahead, he began buying Class B buildings in the Garment District of Manhattan. With a combination of hard work, determination and a wealth of experience, he built and grew his company steadily and solidly. By the 70s, Elias had put together a robust investment in commercial real estate, with the determination of rehabilitating and renovating these new properties, some which had now fallen into a serious state of disrepair.

For him, the key was to find the perfect balance between taking risk and betting on the future, yet always knowing his limitations and being cautious to get through the difficult periods of the economic fluctuations. Florencia, his daughter and Falcon´s current President, defines him as the best teacher she could have ever had. “A brilliant man -who was adored by everyone- with a great capacity to build businesses. His intelligence translated into self-demand, something that led him to build an empire making his way in a city that was not easy at the time, especially without speaking the language”.

Elias had his motto: “Above all, be humble”. This is something that is still a guiding force and translates into the company’s approach to work.