Florencia Masri


Continuing the legacy of her family’s business, Florencia Masri is the driving force behind Falcon Properties today. Creatively navigating the real estate world, she worked alongside her father until he passed away in April, 2021. Born in Buenos Aires, and a resident of Manhattan since her teens, Ms. Masri studied at Columbia University, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Arts & Science. She went on to work in the financial and legal industries as well as at an auction house.

Florencia markets and administers the purchase and sale of new assets, conducts market evaluations, and handles site selection, due diligence, and financial analysis.

“My goal is to continue my father’s successful approach to real estate, in addition to the use of new, current technologies”, she comments.

As a mother of six, she has a very active life that includes not only her family and Falcon Properties but also a theatre and audiovisual production company in Argentina and Europe called Rimas Producciones and Rimas Europe.

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, she is totally bicultural. With a global vision, she follows a leadership style that is based on a comprehensive understanding of different cultures, personalities and interests that align together for a common goal. Passionate and energetic, one of the things she enjoys the most is being able to create.

“I really like the processes and everything I do is with great intensity and discipline”.

She also believes in the importance of trusting her instincts and adapting in constantly changing environments, one of the biggest teachings her father passed on to her. When the pandemic hit, Florencia was restructuring Falcon Properties to make it more efficient in its structure and its processes. Her goal was and continues to be to strengthen the company and to expand it freely in the future.




With 25 years of experience, David is responsible for the administration and management of our buildings. He, together with Florencia, markets and administers the purchase and sale of new assets, conducts market evaluations, and handles site selection, due diligence, and financial analysis. As our CEO, he has consistently stressed the importance of Falcon Properties´ warm, welcoming approach to its success:

“We encourage the potential client to meet us, know our doorman, our building.”

Born in Mexico City, he began his professional career in the textile business at the age of 19. In 1996, he settled in New York where he started working at Falcon Properties and acquired both a B.S. in Real Estate Management as well as an M.S. in Real Estate from NYU.

“What I enjoy the most about real estate is its immediacy, and the fact that it is broad and there are many items involved”. Passionate about art in all its aspects -and as a painter himself- he finds the most fun parts about his job are renovations, architecture and design. “It can be artistic in the sense of the choice of colors that are used, for example”.

Although he has lived in New York for 26 years, David has an adventurous spirit and likes enjoying to the fullest what the city has to offer by being a member of several museums and attending different cultural events. Nevertheless, he finds his job very entertaining:

“I like work. I love to see that things work and that they are organized. That is why I’m committed to give our clients the best service possible”.

Solomon H. Mendel

Chief Financial Officer

Leury Serraty

Property Manager