147 West 35th Street


Number of Floors: 18
Number of Rooms: 142
Total Size: 99,184 sqft
Year Constructed: 1927 Fully Renovated


Built in 1927, the 18 floor building has a total of 99,189 sq ft. Located right beside the famous Macy’s building and Herald Square, this is one of Manhattan’s prime locations for artists and entrepreneurs around the world.

Available Rooms For Lease

147 West 35th Street

Floor : 2nd

Room Size: 624Sq. Ft.

Floor : 2nd

Room Size: 656Sq. Ft.

Floor : 4th

Room Size: 635Sq. Ft.

Floor : 5th

Room Size: 704Sq. Ft.

Floor : 7th

Room Size: 489Sq. Ft.

Floor : 7th

Room Size: 438Sq. Ft.

Floor : 8th

Room Size: 645Sq. Ft.

Floor : 11th

Room Size: 644Sq. Ft.

Floor : 11th

Room Size: 594Sq. Ft.

Floor : 12th

Room Size: 623Sq. Ft.

Floor : 14th

Room Size: 1256Sq. Ft.